Our MHAP Youth Advocates provide free, interactive and educational workshops on the topic of mental health. 

We serve youth (primarily through schools), CBOs, parent groups, and others interested in our services.

*Please note that MHAP workshops are now being provided remotely due to COVID-19 and are available to interested groups.*

The purpose of our workshops is to

(1) increase understanding of common mental illnesses

(2) engage in open conversation about mental health

(3) define, address and eliminate stigma, and

(4) educate communities.

Topics covered in our workshops include:

Defining Mental Health, Mental Illness, and Mental Wellness • Mental Health vs. Physical/Social/Other Forms of Health • Mental Health Stigma • Internal vs. External Factors Affecting Mental Health • Self Care Strategies • Mental Health Resources • Individual Identity and Mental Health • Community and Mental Health • Anti-Bullying

Between January and May of 2019, MHAP conducted 50 Workshops and reached 737 Young People! 

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