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Youth Advocacy Corps, founded in 2015, builds on the national movement to engage American youth in meaningful service and experiential learning. 


Through YAC's programs, youth are

  • trained to better understand the complexities of health and economic inequities in poor communities

  • exposed to advocacy in its many forms

  • provided with crucial life and job skills

  • engaged in service to address many of the problems faced by their families and members of their own community

YAC is unique because it engages young people to fight against poverty. Youth advocates identify issues of importance to them, and, their shared identity with the communities they serve is a natural bridge to develop and maintain trust to engage communities in the effort.


More about us...

MHAP advocates

reached over 250 youth

through their workshops within

 the first months of 2019.


After spending a summer at YASI, one of our corps members was elected to the represent his neighbors and friends on Community Board #5 in East New York, Brooklyn. He is now in law school.


During YAC's pilot program, in three weeks of working in health advocacy clinics in some of Brooklyn's poorest communities, our YASI youth corps provided resources and referrals to close to 100 individuals.

Youth Advocacy Corps graduated its first corps of advocates in August of 2015. Many of our alums now work with us on our Mental Health Awareness Project and as YAC staff members.


Check out our 

to learn more about corps members' lives and their experiences with YAC.

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