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Youth Advocacy Summer Institute is a six-week intensive social justice advocacy training and experiential learning program for youth ages 15-19.

YASI has 3 key components

(1) Workshops conducted by some of the City’s most knowledgeable organizers, lawyers and advocates, introducing the corps to advocacy, communication and problem-solving;

(2) Community Outreach where our corps members provide information and advice to their community members about issues, including how to access health insurance, where to find free and low-cost medical clinics, where to obtain legal representation, and how to access healthy food; and

(3) The development of Personal Advocacy Campaigns, which the corps members bring back to their communities and sustain beyond the summer.


Training Workshops

Individual Campaigns



Youth Advocacy Corps will be operating an amended YASI program this summer due to Covid-19. YASI 2022 will be held two days in person and three days online. Contact if you are interested in learning more or applying.

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