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Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries

* Youth Advocacy Corps works closely with partners and City Agencies that provide additional support services to young people and other New Yorkers in need. Please find below a list of providers, but note that this list is not exhaustive and there are many additional providers available in New York City.

Food Bank for NYC    

Food Bank For New York City has been working to end food poverty in our five boroughs for over 35 years. As the city’s largest hunger-relief organization, we employ a multifaceted approach centered on helping low-income New Yorkers overcome their circumstances and achieve greater independence.

Masbia of Flatbush

1372 Coney Island Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11230



Masbia goes to great lengths to provide nutritious food to our clients, including as much fresh produce as possible. The meal, which is served by volunteer waiters,  includes a starter salad, beverage, soup, a protein (like chicken or fish), two hot side dishes and dessert.We serve roughly 100,000 hot, sit down dinners to clients at our restaurant like soup kitchens, and the rest in emergency care packages with the equivalent of 9 meals worth of groceries for every member of the family.

Grand Central Food Program 

The Coalition’s Grand Central Food Program provides 1,000 warm, nutritious meals each night to homeless and hungry people on the streets of New York City. Each night, three vans deliver between 800 and 1,200 healthy meals of hot stew, bread, fresh fruit, and juice or milk — as well as coats, hats, gloves and blankets in the colder weather — to those struggling to survive rough on the streets at 25 stops around the city. For many homeless New Yorkers, this is their only meal of the day.

Neighbors Together

2094 Fulton St.

Brooklyn, New York 11233


Neighbors Together is committed to ending hunger and poverty in Ocean Hill, Brownsville and Bedford-Stuyvesant, three of the lowest-income areas in New York City.They  provide food and social services five days a week, serving over 10,000 New Yorkers annually.


200 4th Ave. 

Brooklyn, New York 11217-3180 (between Sackett & Degraw Streets)


CHiPS offers a friendly environment and our volunteers are committed to making our guests feel at home. Serves as many as 350 meals daily. We are staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers who come together to ensure hungry neighbors have a place to turn for delicious, healthy meals.Nearly 80 percent of the food we prepare is donated by the Park Slope Food Coop, which means it’s fresh and often organic. Restaurants nearby sometimes donate entire meals, so guests enjoy fresh-baked breads and even barbeque.

St. John's Bread & Life

795 Lexington Ave. 

Brooklyn, New York 11221


Their Soup Kitchen serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday. Menus are developed based on our guests’ nutritional needs and cultural diversity, as well as quality and availability of products. There is an emphasis on whole foods preparation using local produce and milk.

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